Ayubhumi Piles Care Tablet

Controls bleeding and heals inflammed skin and the mucos membrane. It symptomatic relief from rectal bleeding, pain, itchiness and corrects chronic constipation associated with hemorhoids.


Shudh Para, Shudh Gandhak, Loh Bhasam, Tammar Bhasam, Danti Mool, Pippli, Sonth, Kali Mirch, Shurran Kandh, Vans Lochan, Shudh Tankan, Yavkshar, Sandha Namak Bhawna Sanohi ka Milk ,Cow urine Q.S(arshkuthar ras)

Indication: Internal & external hemorhoids, Anal fissure, Anal discomfort or pain bleeding stool

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water for 1 month


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Piles Care Tablet