Each Film Coated Tablet Contains Extract of-

Harar 13.9mg, Bahera 13.9mg, Amla 13.9mg, Kali mirch 13.9mg, Sonth 13.9mg, Pippli 13.9mg, Chitrak mool 13.9mg, Nagar motha 13.9mg, Vaividang 13.9mg, Rohera chaal 125mg, Mandoor bhasam 125mg, Excipients q.s (Rohitak Loh)

These are 100% natural, safe, easy to use and provide rapid detoxification

Enjoy A Cleansed Liver, A Healthy Digestion System & A Rejuvenated You

These wondrous liver detox supplements are manufactured with the highest standards possible within a GMP, ISO, Halal Certified facility

With just 1-2 liver detox tab you can start enjoying a gentle & natural detoxifying process and a regenerated healthy you.

Feel restored, without feeling depleted.


  • Prevents liver disease like Jaundice, Spleanomegaly, Hepatitis
  • Good source of iron, overcomes anemia
  • Supports critical body detox process
  • Repairs body tissue and provide immunity
  • Prevents oxidation process
  • Prevents respiratory problems like cough, asthma & fever
  • Improves appetite
  • Relives dyspepsia

Recommended and suitable for:

  • Impaired immune function
  • Alcohol and smoking habits
  • People with eating disorders and insufficient nutrition

Dosage: 1-2 tab with luke warm water after half an hour meal

Safety: Do not use if you are pregnant

Note: Drink plenty of water to assist complete detoxification.


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Liver & Detox Tab.