Kidney Stone Syrup has following benefits-

  • Removes salt deposition from kidney, urinary tract & bladder,
  • Diuretic- Eases urinary output
  • Relieves renal colic & inflammation
  • Prevents blood in the urine & foul smell of urine
  • Sugar Free


Each 5 ml contains – Pashanbhed 288mg, Sagoun ki Chaal 288mg, Arand Kharbuja 288mg, Shatavari 288mg, Gokshur 288mg, Varun ki Chaal 288mg, Kusha ki Jadh 288mg, Kaas ki jadh, Kakkri ki beej 288mg, Jatta Mansi 576mg, Khurasani Ajwain 576mg, Jwakhar 10 ratti

200ml Bottle


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Kidney Stone Syrup