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How Hepatitis affects Life?

Chronic Hepatitis is a complex disease that affects life in many ways.

Hepatitis B if not treated in time becomes Chronic and can lead to Jaundice, Liver Cirrhosis & Liver Cancer

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Symptoms of Hepatitis-B

Hepatitis B is a Chronic condition of liver that occurs due to infection by Hepatitis-B virus. Initially it may or may not show any symptoms. If not treated in time it becomes Chronic which manifests in multiple symptoms and causes lots of problem

If not taken care or not treated well, condition may worsen
and there may be Jaundice, Cirrhosis or Liver Cancer

Types of Hepatitis

There are many types of Hepatitis

  • Hepatitis- A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis- C
  • Hepatitis- D
  • Hepatitis- E

All types of Hepatitis spread through their viruses. Out of these Hepatitis A & E spread through food & water contaminated with stool; while Hepatitis B, C & D spread through contaminated blood & needles etc. These can also spread by having unprotected sex.

Hepatitis-B is a widely found infection in Indian population. In 2017, total number of Hepatitis-B patients in India estimated by WHO was 4 Crore. Experts believe that today his number have crossed 6 Crores.

In case of Chronic Hepatitis number of Hepatitis-B virus in the blood (viral load) is very high that has too much hazardous effect on the liver.

According to Ayurveda, Hepatitis is caused due to unbalanced “Pitta Dosha” (one of the three doshas {bodily elements} whose balance is necessary for healthy life). Unbalanced pitta dosha leads to-defected digestion & metabolism of food, inadequate formation of red blood cells, yellow colour of the skin, eyes & stool, problem with memory, intelligence and thoughts and fever.

Hepatitis occurs due to increased pitta dosha (accumulation of toxins). This may be due to increased presence of pesticides & fertilizers, pollution & increased level of stress due to modern life style.

Don’t worry, We have effective treatment of Chronic Hepatitis

In case of Chronic Hepatitis number of Hepatitis-B virus in the blood (viral load) is very high that has too much hazardous effect on the liver.

Ayurvedic treatment have been used since very long time to treat chronic ailments. Ancient Indian ayurvedic scriptures Charak Samhita & Sushrut Samhita have provided extensive information about use of Ayurveda to treat chronic diseases. Our treatment of Chronic Hepatitis is based on invaluable ayurvedic knowledge by use of highly effective Ayurvedic Medicines.

Treatment of Hepatitis B

Our treatment of Hepatitis is based on pure ayurvedic concepts used since the ancient times. It has been very effective in getting rid of the virus causing the infection, correcting the function of the liver and bringing back good health.

Ayubhumi Ayurveda & Panchkarma Hospital is more than 10 years old, renowned treatment centre, run by expert ayurvedic doctors. Thousands of patients have recovered from many chronic illnesses including, Chronic Hepatitis, by our treatment

Our Happy Clients!

I was suffering from Hepatitis B for last 3 years & had taken many treatments. I came to know Dr Atiya through on her You Tube channel. I am also from medical field. I am taking
her treatment for last 3 months and my viral load has come down from 3500 to non detective. Dr Atiya is an expert & her staff is very supportive. I highly recommend them for treatment of Hepatitis- B


Ms Simran

I was suffering from Hepatitis B for last about 5 years. I am taking medicine from Dr Atiya for last one month, I am finding a great improvement in my condition. Treatment from Dr Atiya has provided lot of relief to me.

Manjeet Singh

Bathinda, Punjab

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In addition to Ayubhumi Ayurveda & Panchkarma centre, We have manufacturing unit for ayurvedic medicine where we produce high quality, highly pure ayurvedic medicines using techniques described in ancient ayurvedic scriptures. Our manufacturing unit is approved by ISO & GMP

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