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Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment Without Surgery

What is Fallopian Tube Blockage

Tubal blockage is one of the most important factors for female infertility. This condition is not described in Ayurvedic classics, as the fallopian tube itself is not mentioned directly there. The present study is an effort to understand the disease according to Ayurvedic principles. Correlating fallopian tubes with the Artavavaha (Artava-bija-vaha) Srotas, its block is compared with the Sanga Srotodushti of this Srotas. Charak’s opinion that the diseases are innumerable and newly discovered ones should be understood in terms of Prakriti, Adhishthana, Linga, and Aayatana, is followed, to describe this disease. An effort has been made to evaluate the role of all the three Doshas in producing blockage, with classification of the disease done as per the Dasha Roganika.

Functions of Fallopian Tubes

The fallopian tubes act as a pathway for the passage of the ovum from the ovary to the uterus. The oviducts help in the movement of female gamete. The anatomical structure of the inner part of the tubes helps the ovum to float towards the uterus and supplies it with nutrients.


Causes of Fallopian Tube Blockage?

Fallopian tube blockage causes infertility in a woman. In Ayurveda the causes of blockage is accumulation and vitiation of doshas.
Vata dosha is responsible for any movement in the body channels. Due to the accumulation of the toxins there is dryness and narrowness of the channels that blocks the free movement of vata dosha. It can be sclerosis of the tubes or abnormal function of the tubes causing the tubal blockage.
Pitta dosha is the other important cause of the blocked tubes. The main function of pitta is digestion and metabolism. The imbalance in pitta dosha causes inflammation and certain infection in the tubes thus resulting in blockage.

Excessive accumulation of the pus in the tubes causing the obstruction is due to vitiated kapha dosha.

Apart from the doshas, dietary factors such as light food, bitter, pungent, sour, salty, hot, not easily digestible foods, sweet, abhishyandi etc causes tubal blockage.

Life style that includes excessive sexual intercourse, fasting, excessive workout, trauma, injury, sedentary lifestyle, sleeping in day time, improper vamana, anger, suppression of natural urges etc leads to fallopian tubes blockage.

These causes are one of the main reasons for female infertility due to fallopian tubes. They can be curbed using certain Ayurvedic herbs as Ayurvedic medicines for blocked fallopian tubes.

It is greatly trusted by elders since it is 100% natural. Like every other illness, Ayurveda is also effective in preventing fallopian tube blockage. There are many herbs which make Ayurvedic treatment for blocked fallopian tubes widely appreciated.

Symptoms of Blocked Tubes

Symptom of the fallopian tube blockage is not mentioned in the ayurvedic ancient texts, as tubal blockage term is not used in Ayurveda. However the clinical features can be understood by considering all the gynecological disorders. Infertility (bandhyatva) is the chief complain and through investigation tubal blockage is diagnosed. Bandhyatva is the main symptom of tubal blockage.

Usually the symptoms of blockage of fallopian tubes is not known until the women faces problems in getting pregnant. In certain cases the blocked tubes may cause mild and continuous pain on one side of the abdomen.

Fallopian Tube Blockage Test

Blocked fallopian tube is not easy to identify. There are 3 main tests to check fallopian tube blockage.

1) An x-ray known as hysterosalpingogram or HSG test is done where a dye is injected into the womb that flows in the fallopian tubes and drains in the abdominal cavity in the case of unblocked tubes. If the fluid is not seen flowing into the fallopian tubes, it signifies tubal blockage.
There are certain reports where the HSG improved the pregnancy rates in certain patients. Performing HSG without imaging is called tubal flushing which improves the chances of pregnancy after HSG test blocked tubes.

2) Sonohysterogram is an ultrasound very similar to HSG test. It uses the sound waves to get the picture of fallopian tubes.

3) Laparoscopy, performed by the surgeon is done to picture the fallopian tubes from inside. It is considered the most accurate test for the blocked tubes.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Fallopian Tubal Blockage


Ayurvedic treatment is the most successful treatment for Male&Female Ayurvedic infertility Treatment in Amritsar (Punjab). The treatment promotes the use of Ayurvedic medicine which were created ages ago. Fallopian tube blockage treatment in Ayurveda has a key factor that is Uttar Basti. Uttar Basti is a procedure where cured oil is embedded in the uterus on Day 6, 7, 8 of a cycle and It is rehashed following 3 days hole for 3 additional days. This system settles Adhesions, Inflammation and so on in fallopian tubes and along these lines opens the tubes. There are practically 90% shots for the opening of tubes. Other than this, treatment for a blocked fallopian tube likewise incorporates panchakarma treatment like vaman, virechana according to the patient necessity alongside the ayurvedic medications. We can go for one blocked fallopian tube treatment moreover. It builds the odds of normal conception. You can go to Ayubhumi Ayurveda for the best ayurvedic treatment. This ayurvedic treatment center in Amritsar (Punjab) also promotes the Panchakarma Treatment and the doctor here has an experience of treating tubal blockages for more than 5 years.

If you are suffering from male & Female infertility and confused with the type of fertility treatment Ayubhumi Ayurveda has helped thousands of infertility patients realize their dream of becoming parents. Our services can enhance your chance of conception and healthy, full-term pregnancy. Call us today at +91 92165-44447 for an appointment.

Ayurvedic Infertility Specialist Dr. Atiya Jamba

Fallopian tube Blockage Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for blocked fallopian tube is successful in curing infertility in women.

Some of the methods used by ayurvedic doctors to unblock fallopian tube naturally without surgery are balancing the doshas, dietary management, ayurvedic herbs, panchakarma therapies and improving the lifestyle.

Tubal blockage is vata-kapha dominated condition. All the three doshas are collectively responsible the tubal blockage. Infertility is mainly vatic disorder hence basti karma with snehana (oleation) and tarpana (nourishment of endometrium) is the treatment of choice to unblock fallopian tubes without surgery.

Natural Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If you are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes follow the following remedies that might help to unblock the tubes naturally.

1. Vitamin C
2. Turmeric
3. Ginger
4. Garlic
5. Lodhra
6. Ginseng
7. Vaginal Steaming
8. Fertility Massage with Castor Oil
9. Herbal tampons
10. Exercise
11. Reduce Alcohol Intake
12. Yoga
13. Meditation
14.  Improving Diet

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